Campaign Management

1. Outdoor campaign case study

One of our clients, a countertops and flooring company came to us with the request for an outdoor campaign to promote opening of their new showroom.

Challenge :-

This client of ours with over 25 years of experience in conceptualization and installation of custom cabinets, countertops and flooring, came to us immediately after opening a new showroom for out-of-home campaign meant to promote this new showroom. Client knew that we were a try and tested name in outdoor campaign arena and could easily deliver the solution needed.

Solution :-

Our three month long Out-of-Home campaign for this client included six posters located throughout the market. We promptly provided number of impressions per poster, maps detailing locations of all posters and proof of performance photos to the client after installing the posters.

Results :-

Footfalls at the showroom increased 300% after billboards were erected. The campaign’s success compelled our client to hire additional employees to cater to increased footfalls.

2. Mobile accessory industry case study

One of our clients, a leading cell phone case company that has carved a niche in highly competitive cell phone case industry contacted us to run a digital marketing campaign.

Challenge :-

Knowing very well that no platform can be better than social media to showcase their products, our client asked us to develop and use Facebook video ads that could pinpoint product features that could separate their products from everyone else’s products


As USP of client’s product was aesthetics, we advised the client to post a visually appealing Instagram feed that could put forward minute details helping reinforce messaging. We ensured prompt responses to customers on instagram.

Results :-

Our campaigns were hugely successful and 3 times higher ROI and 16 times higher revenues were achieved. Though ads were not solely responsible for this fabulous result and organic traffic via instagram feed also played a role.

Key takeaways for us :-

• Innovative ways can set a brand apart on social media and such approach is desirable in competitive industries.
• Experimentation with social media advertising can be beneficial.
• Social media is meant to be used to reinforce one’s brand messaging.
• Social customer care should be a priority.

3. Beauty Industry case study

A leading Salon chain in Delhi NCR came to us for digital marketing campaign. It is a matter of pride for us to have a client that has 86 branches in Delhi/NCR and northern and central India with presence even in Dubai. It is a big company employing 3000 employees. Like companies of any other industry, beauty industry companies also need digital marketing. Recognizing this fact this company opted for digital marketing campaign.

Execution :-

• Designed an elegant and sophisticated web portal in a manner that the customers found the salon as a mirror image of the ambience of the salon on portal.
• Created content best suited for salons. Designed posts accordingly.
• Broadcasted messages to stay in touch with customers need to indirectly generate sales and facilitate repeat visits.

Results :-

• Web development- We overhauled the website to make it easily navigable. Focus was on making the website user friendly and informative to the extent that information about no service is excluded. Final product was an eye catching website.
• Facebook promotion-
1. Facebook ad- We came up with a very innovative ad that reached thousands of people and generated good number of leads.
2. Facebook posts-
• Our Before-After post series- It benefited client a lot and increased footfalls considerably.
• Festival makeover contest- This contest related to Christmas generated considerable leads.
• Gender specific contest for male and female customers- Contests related to both male and female customers generated significant leads.
• Promotion on Instagram- We have increased followers of client on instagram manifolds. Posts related to contests like- Guess which hair colour, Guess the celebrity etc. or quizzes like make up questions, hairstyle questions etc. generated leads.
• Broadcast messenger- Initiatives like ‘win a free makeover by just sending us a hello on messenger’ was an instant hit.