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Portal development Case Studies

1.Electrical components industry case study (Ecommerce portal)

One of our clients, an electrical components company came to us with the intention to upgrade from HTML static website into ASP.NET super engine website.

Challenge :-

Client was determined to continually grow online business in highly competitive electrical components industry but client’s website was too slow to keep pace with completion. Client briefed us about their primary need to add ecommerce functionality to their new website with intention to open yet another sales generation avenue.

Solution :-

We launched a custom ecommerce website for the client that boasts of features customers require to easily find what they need and make purchases seamlessly. This site is bound to increase client’s key metrics in line with organisational goals.

Results :-

Client’s new ecommerce portal developed by us boasts of following features:
1. A customized system which seamlessly connects to client’s back-end ERP.
2. Both front and back-end users can see current inventory in real time.
3. Based on volume, customers can avail to custom pricing structure.
4. Shopping cart allows absolute liberty to a customer to place orders as per their choice, through credit Card or on client’s account.

2. Thread Gage company case study (Ecommerce portal)

One of our clients, a thread gage company contacted us to upgrade their ASP ecommerce website to Magento 2.2 ecommerce site.

Challenge :-

Client’s management knew very well that they needed to reach out to their targeted customers and attract them to the website if they were interested to increase their ecommerce sales. Client demanded that the upgraded website should provide enhanced user experience and the site navigation and shopping cart must be enabling enough to help customers make swift buying decisions and purchases.

Solution :-

We upgraded client’s ASP ecommerce website to Magento 2.2 ecommerce site so that client could take advantage of advanced functions of Magento 2.2 .

Results :-

Upgraded features of the website are as follows:
• Fully cached – This feature increased the speed of the site and visitors could find what they wanted faster and easier.
• Filterable attributes added – This feature allows product attribute based search.
• One-Step Checkout – This made checkout process simple and made purchases faster and far easier.
• Addition of Follow Up Email – This feature was added to keep client in touch with customers and to increase brand loyalty.

3. Health care portal development case study

One of our clients, a global service provider of Infrastructure Management, Application Management, Messaging Products and Solutions and Product Engineering and Mobility with focus on Energy, Telecom & Utilities, Healthcare and Banking, Media & Content and Finance industries.

Challenge :-

Features of existing web portal were not enough to address client’s business needs mentioned below:
- The system needed to handle use case base of 30 million for big states states with thousands of service providers.
- Processing of over a million claims per week
- Platform needed to be adequately secure and sustainable.

Solution :-

New portal allows poor, downtrodden and senior citizens to enroll as members seamlessly and allows the service provider to enroll with similar ease. The member can visit the doctors/hospitals and get services while service providers can submit the claims to the system through web. The system is capable of validating the claims and pricing services. The payment process can evaluate the claims amicably and seamlessly pay the providers.
Key Features:
-Custom applications with exceptional user interface
-Dynamic security with multi level user authentication
-Robust Provider enrolment
-Easy maintenance of both members and service providers

Results :-

Despite facing considerable technical challenges, highly scalable healthcare portal was delivered on time to the client. This site provides distinct advantage to the client in enterprise Healthcare market owing to variety of services offered on the site.

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