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Reputation management Case Studies

1. Online reputation repair case study (Finance sector)

Problem :-

A ex-investor of one of our client’s got upset over a deal he felt had gone horribly wrong, and wrote a very personal and nasty negative post on a anonymous site. This link incidently shot to the top of page-1 of Google search results when searching for his company, him and the hedge fund. Sales were hit and some investors quit the fund as a consequence. Lengthy and costly legal action failed to resolve the problem and then the client came to our doorsteps and requested a online reputation repair process to be initiated.

Solution :-

First we reviewed and analyzed the business of the client and then took following steps:
1. Our content writers created first-rate financial content and published on a variety of targeted business platforms.
2. Developed personal site for fund owner as quickly as possible.
3. Fund’s business site was updated and optimized with apt SEO tags to get found in Google.
4. Developed profiles on hedge funds focusing sites, small cap focusing sites and general investments sites.

2. Online reputation repair case study (Art gallery business)

Problem :-

Our client was successfully running a art gallery business worth several million dollars and one fine day his business was hit badly by a partnership dissolved un-amicably. Bad press was put about this occurrence by a disgruntled director who was looking for revenge. Whenever Google search was conducted, three negative links promptly showed up. One link that damaged the reputation of the client most was by a highly respected art industry news site and showed right at the top. This was extremely damaging since potential collectors could easily see it. Large number of people clicked on the link and it remained prominent causing steep fall in revenues.

Solution :-

1. We felt that crafting fresh online presence would be best and attempted to do that focusing on blogs and articles about artists he worked with
2. Successful removal of one of the negative links completely.
3. Frequent comments were made on art news sites
4. Several image-related platforms were added and photos of artists’ work were shared.

3. Online reputation repair of individual

Problem :-

An immensely successful CEO aged 55 boasting of a remarkable career running entertainment, and media organizations, doubling and trebling sales consistently, couldn’t find a job and was virtually rendered untouchable. An issue from a holiday party held years ago was showing up online widely noticed by headhunters and CEOs. Situation got so worse that even signed employment agreement was terminated when negative reputation got exposed.

Solution :-

Following steps were taken to repair the reputation of our client:
1. Created strong presence subtly on all significant media-related online platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, IMDB, Crunchbase, SoundCloud, Vimeo and many more.
2. Promoted important articles written over the years and also high standard industry specific trade magazine articles, where client’s name was featured either in the headline or article title prominently
3. Shared all this on apt business-related sites frequently.
4. Build relationships with top notch online influencers.

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